20 Topical Halloween Costumes for 2010 – TIME


Full List – The 20 Best (Topical) Halloween Costumes for 2010 – TIME.

Other than the extremely popular BP  ‘Bad Planning’ Costume, here’s some good ‘topical’ Halloween Costume ideas from Time:

Old Spice Guy

What you’ll need:
• A white towel
• A bottle of Old Spice body wash (optional)

Double Rainbow

(viral video on youtube where Paul ‘theBear’ Vasquez films double rainbow and talks at length about its beauty. He ultimately scores endorsement deal from Microsoft)

What you’ll need:
• A blue shirt
• A blue pair of jeans
• White card-stock clouds
• Construction-paper rainbows (2)

Alternatively you and a friend can both be a rainbow.

Oiled Mermaid (probably the scariest of all!)

What you’ll need:
• A mermaid costume
• Black paint
• BP protest sign

Witch, Christine O’Donnell Style

What you’ll need:
• A women’s business suit
• Pearls
• A witch’s hat
• A broom

Kany West’s Twitter Feed (items he’s mentioned/praised on twitter in the last year)

What you’ll need:
• A fresh suit, preferably fluorescent red-orange
• A dinner-plate-size gold medallion
• A gold-encrusted goblet
• A turquoise chalice (for use as a cereal bowl)
• Fur pillows
• A horse worthy of a king

And you can’t forget Lada Gaga’s Infamous Meat Dress

What you’ll need:
• A blonde wig
• Approximately 20 lb. of prosciutto, or one ream of red construction paper
• A willingness to be the center of attention wherever you go (optional)

Sad Keanu From the cause that took the internet by storm when someone snapped a random pic of Keanu Reeves sadly sitting by himself on a park bench.

Mark Zuckerberg Founder of facebook (go around poking everyone in sight)

Steven Slater The Jetblue flight attendant who quit after a tirade on the plane, became almost every working man’s hero (well those who saw it on the web anyway)

Alleged Tiger Woods’ Mistress that waitressed at Perkins Restaurants in Florida

and of course — Lindsay Lohan in Jail