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It Will Change Your Life

Jun 282010

The Killers’ rococo frontman, Brandon Flowers, to release first solo album, called Flamingo. Flowers told Rolling Stone Mag he made bandmates aware that he wasnt making the record for “attention or proving something, its just what Im accustomed to doing.”

He wrote much of it while touring with the Killers. “These songs have an isolation to them that Killers records dont have. Its a little less keyboard, and a little more acoustic, so I started thinking about other people we could bring in, So I shot for the stars, and we got [acclaimed producer] Daniel Lanois.” Lanois and Stuart Price who produced the Killers Day & Age album both worked with Flowers on FlamingoL

“As I get older, I have this desire to represent Las Vegas,” “When the Killers first came out, a lot of people thought we were English, and it touched a chord in me, because my roots are very American.” Flamingo is a road in Vegas where Sam’s Town Casino (namesake of Killers’ sophomore album) is located.

Some of the new songs include “Playing With Fire,” “From Nogales To Magdalena” and the lead single, “Crossfire,” which Flowers says is his son Ammon’s favorite new track.

Flamingo flies in stores sept. 14