Apr 052010

Another Actress takes on Bob Dylan, this time by song… Rene Zellweger covers Dylan’s “Life is Hard” in the film My Own Love Song, costarring Forest Whitaker… kinda like Thelma and Louise except they’re going to Memphis (instead of away from somewhere) and  one of the friends is a paralyzed singer.

My Own Love Song – Extrait 2
Uploaded by sortiescinema. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.
Coincidently, Dylan oversaw film soundtrack, which inspired 2009 album Together Through Life. Whitaker and Georges Drakoulias

Movie debuts Tribeca Film Festival this month, clip of Rene singing at dailymotion.com

China Tells Dylan ‘Get Out’

Dylan joins Google on Banned from China list

apparently Chinese government thinks ol’ ramblin’ Bob will indoctrinate the Communist Chinese youth into the American counter-culture of the 60’s. Either that or the Ministry of Culture heard Dylan’s bizarre Christmas album (sorry, did I say that out loud?). Nevertheless the ‘icon of the counterculture movement’ (as China calls it) cancelled upcoming gigs in Beijing and Shanghai. Now speculations run wild on the world wide web.

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