Facebook Quiz? Personality Test – How you Talk on Phone


Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call134 years ago today, so of course, some sociologist must define meanings to how we use the phone. Enter Sociologist Dean Montgomery who says  “The posture of your body when you chat on the phone provides a telling glimpse into your dominating traits,”

See if it’s true for you.

Relaxed — You give the impression that you don't have a care in the world and that is not far from the truth. When others are overwhelmed, you have a knack of landing on your feet in the midst of chaos. No problem is too tough for you to find a solution, and you are the rock that your loved ones and pals depend upon.

Cradler — You are a sweet natured nurturer who loves nothing better than showering the ones you love with affection. Since childhood, your fondest dream was to have a home and family — a desire that you have achieved in splendid style. Your little tribe is the center of your world, and your home is the hub for your larger circle of friends.

Energized — You have an endless supply of vitality, and your near and dear know you are always up for an adventure. You are endlessly curious about others, and your charming interest has led to a collection of friends from all walks of life. Your bubbly insistence on grabbing all the gusto life has to offer makes you the leader of the pack.

Focused –– You are reserved. Pride yourself on being on top of things, and your brilliant organizational skills usually assure that you are in total command.  But you do have the charming ability to reverse yourself when it comes to personal relationships — you are a hopeless romantic who lets your emotional hair down with the ones you love.

(Ed note – how about categories for today’s phones?

*use the musicplayer on phone more than the actual phone


*text people more than talk to people


*wow, this little computer has a phone on it too?