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May 012010


Joint Information Center – Mobile Area

April 30, 2010

Coastal protection and booming operations under the direction of Mobile Unified Command are being actively deployed as rapidly as possible across Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle, Mobile Unified Command said today.  The protective measures are targeting the barrier islands and prioritized environmentally sensitized areas.

Additional areas will be designated for booming as trajectories are updated.

Overall, the combined response has deployed 222,060 feet of boom, staged 437,110 feet, and has on order an additional 250,000 feet.

To date, more than 60,000 feet of boom have been placed along the Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida the Florida panhandle coastline.  The boom deployment operations will continue as aggressively and as rapidly as possible with all boom being used and staged for deployment to maximize the protection of coastal shorelines. The specific locations where boom was deployed in the last 24-hours are as follows:

•       Deer Island, 8,500 feet deployed
•       Davis Bayou, 1,500 feet deployed
•       Pascagoula Bay, 11,000 feet deployed
•       Grand Bay West, 1,500 feet deployed
•       Pascagoula River, 2,500 feet staged and in process
•       Bay of St. Louis, 10,500 feet deployed
•       Dauphin Island 3,000 ft, with 10,000 ft staged and in process
•       Orange Beach 36,000 ft with 80,000 ft staged and in process
•       Grand Bay 10,000 ft staged and in process
•       Bayou La Batre 14,450 ft with 3,000 ft staged and in process
•       Pensacola area, 36,000 feet deployed

Governor Bob Riley of Alabama also visited the Command Center in Mobile to be briefed on updates to the protective measures being implemented along the coastline of Alabama.  The Governor and Unified Command discussed coastal protection and booming strategy.

Unified Command in response to the incident, and a Joint Information Center (JIC) to provide information on the response, also have been established at the Outlaw Convention Center in Downtown Mobile, Alabama.

The JIC can be contacted at (262) 348-4108 or (262) 348-4109.

Other contact numbers of importance are:

National Response Center

Soiled Wildlife



  2 Responses to “Oil Spill update from Mobile Area Info Center”

  1. Thanks for posting all of the information and phone numbers that you did.

  2. Why is Gulf Shores not listed? Only Orange Beach? What am I missing?