Paul McCartney is Dead Mystery Lives On with New Clues and Documentary


A new documentary takes a look at the ‘Paul is Dead’ legend with additional clues, including an alleged recorded testimonial from George Harrison. ‘Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison’, directed by Joel Gilbert, goes on sale August 24.

As the legend goes, about 1969, Beatles fans began noticing multiple references or signs from recordings that Paul had died. (‘Paul is dead’ backward masking being the most popular). The clues led investigating fans to conclude that Paul was decapitated in a car accident in 1966 and replaced with a look-a-like for some unknown reason.

In 2005, Documentary film maker Joel Gilbert, received an interesting, yet anonymous, package in the mail, a 1999 recording purported to be late Beatle George Harrison. Apparently recorded while in the hospital from knife wounds sustained during a burglary, he tells the story of Paul’s decapitation in a car accident and the resulting cover-up. Because the Beatles were so iconic at the time, British Military Intelligence feared a mass suicide of young girls distraught over the death of the ‘cute Beatle’. He says he wanted to come clean about the whole thing. So then, who took Paul’s place? A body double named William Campbell.

Here’s the trailer for the DVD.

The film documents all the ‘clues’ over the years, from artwork, to lyrics, to music and more. Even more recent theories. You can read the full article from the Boston Herald Here, which goes more in depth.

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