R.E.M. — Fables of the Reconstruction ‘Re-Re’ – Bonus Tracks DVD



SPECIAL ‘RE-RE’ (Remaster, ReIssue)

Hear the new release ‘Throw those Trolls Away’


Album + 14 Unreleased demo tracks, Including ‘Throw Those Trolls Away’

  • R.E.M. teamed with Capitol/I.R.S. for the July 13 release of an expanded 25th Anniversary 2CD of the band’s 1985 album, Fables Of The Reconstruction.
  • The new edition features the digitally remastered original album, plus 14 previously unreleased demo recordings, cut prior to the album’s studio sessions, including one long-sought track that has never been released, “Throw Those Trolls Away.”
  • The commemorative release also adds insightful new liner notes by R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck, with the 2CD package presented in a lift-top box with a poster and four postcards.
  • “The Athens Demos,” as R.E.M. has dubbed them, comprise the new edition’s second disc of 14 previously unreleased recordings, including drafts of Fables’ 11 songs and three additional tracks that didn’t make the album. The three non-album demos include two early versions of songs that were later revisited by the band, and one song, “Throw Those Trolls Away,” making its release debut on this new edition.
  • The unreleased demo, “Throw Those Trolls Away” later became “I Believe” on their next studio album, “Life’s Rich Pageant.”

  • When The Light Is Mine… The Best Of The I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 Video Collection DVD more than two hours of content in 18 clips plus bonus material, it draws the curtain back to reveal R.E.M.’s most vital early career film work, including 11 I.R.S. music videos, including “Wolves, Lower,” the release debut. Many unreleased TV and film performances, interviews and outtakes.