Apr 052010

Sheryl Crow on the Small Screen, Teaches Son About Earth

Sheryl Crow dishes out advice with Kirstie Alley and Jimmy Fallon on Jerry Seinfeld’s new show The Marriage Ref .   Topics covered:  Tired retiree, too many dummies, wanting a urinal, misdoing the dishes, hairy highlights.

Sheryl also has a real acting part in Courtney Cox’s new show CougarTown.


Sheryl Crow also revealed in an interview you’re never too young to learn about conservation… 2 ½ year old son Wyatt already knows about saving water by not flushing toilet unless, you know, like our great grandparents did to save money, she’s very concerned about the shape of the planet for her son.

posted by: Lee Ann Waterrs, 92ZEW