This Week on Radio Avalon & Sunday Jazz Brunch


Hear’s what’s happening this week with Catt Sirten’s Radio Avalon (9-Mid weeknights), Sunday Jazz Brunch and Live Lunch with Lisa Mills:
Monday Nights….New Music Monday
Tuesday…the ‘Tuesday Sets”…the music is inter-related in some way
Thursday…Theme night…this week it’s “Dreaming Wide Awake”
Friday…The “Friday In Fairhope” Brown Bag Concerts continue until Dec. 17.  This week Lisa Mills is our guest.
            (at the Windmill Market, sponsored by Thomas Hospital)
Friday…Friday Night Chill Session (11pm)…a long form set of “chill” music to unwind from the work-week
Sunday Jazz Brunch…after last week’s 26th anniversary, we have program number 1333 this week!
Catt Sirten