Watch Carney debut Spiderman Music on Good Morning America


Carney debuts Broadway Spiderman Music

One of my personal New Music Raves is the band Carney (once you see their energetic, electrifying live show, you’ll rave too). Tim & I first saw them Bonnaroo 08, they wowed the small crowd at noonish in the small Bud tent with their own modern slant of the blues. Plugged in and ready to rock yet ready to sit and just sing with a frontman who hits the highs and lows, drummer wildly kicks it in literally pulls you in to the live experience.  My first thoughts were Rufus Wainright and Jeff Buckley got wasted with Led Zeppelin, Queen and the Beatles and just jammed all night).

Happy to see the band getting some big props.
Last Friday on Good Morning America, Carney was introduced to the general public by Bono and the Edge. Here’s the link if you can’t see the video below.

Here’s Bono & the Edge, composers of Spiderman lyrics and music. They had a big say in who played Spiderman and according to the band in our interview, when Bono & Edge heard the band they changed things up a bit to incorporate the entire band in with the orchestra!