You Can be King of Your Own Village for about $700K


How would you like to rule your own Kingdom? Granted there’s only 40 residents, but Reuters reports a village is for sale in New Zealand, for the low price of $715,000 (heck that’s cheaper than a McMansion!). Bonus, it’s coastal with no oil spewing.

Otira, a hamlet on the rainy west coast of New Zealand’s South Island, is on the market for $NZ1 million ($715,000).

Current owners Bill and Christine Hennah bought the rundown village in 1998 after passing through and “feeling sorry for it,” Christchurch-based newspaper The Press reported on Friday.

Current owners in 1998 paid $NZ80,000 ($56,000) for the hotel or pub, school, railway station, town hall and 18 houses making up the village near the Arthur’s Pass National Park that dates back to 1923. They are now in their 60’s and lack the energy needed to run the hotel. They are asking $NZ350,000 for the hotel or $NZ1 million for the whole lot.

The village developed when the Otira railway tunnel was opened, and during its heyday was home to about 600 workers and their families.

“We need someone to build it up again. There is a lot of potential and opportunity,” Christine Hennah told The Press.

If you can’t remember geography class, here’s a refresher. I googled the location, ooh la la, in the South Pacific….,+New+Zealand

Original Story –> For sale – village with pub, 40 people | Reuters.