Congrats Arcade Fire! Hear the Album of the Year Here.


Remember way back when we gave you advance listen to Arcade Fire’s highly anticipated Suburbs album? Well hear it is, in case you haven’t yet heard it.

Congratulations Arcade Fire,

Grammy winner

Album of the Year!!


ZEW Preview – Arcade Fire ‘The Suburbs’

Listen to it Here, Rate it Too 

In stores Aug. 3

Rave Reviews rolling in worldwide on Arcade Fire’s third record ‘The Suburbs’. Listen to  ‘The Suburbs’ album now and leave your rating and/or review. 


BBC You could call it their OK Computer. But it’s arguably better than that.”

Rolling Stone – “On their fantastic third album, The Suburbs, they aim higher than ever, with Roman numerals and parentheses in the song titles.”

Spin -“Radiant with apocalyptic tension and grasping to sustain real bonds, The Suburbs extends hungrily outward, recalling the dystopic miasma of William Gibson’s sci-fi novels and Sonic Youth’s guitar odysseys”  (say what?)

and yes there was one negative review, that admittedly is difficult to trust insofar as the magazine can’t decide which city to represent. Is it Boston or is it Phoenix?  Web address is, yet logo is Boston Phoenix. Part of their poor review:  “Arcade Fire’s attempt to make a grown-up album feels forced. At 16 tracks, The Suburbs is about four cuts too long.”

Listen to individual songs from ‘The Suburbs” below, you decide. Rate it, comment or both. Feel free to leave your thoughts or email it 92zew at Order Album/CD/Downloads Here (Merge Records / Arcade Fire Store)

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1. The Suburbs

2. Ready to Start

3. Modern Man

4. Rococo

5. Empty Room

6. City with No Children

7. Half Light I

8. Half Light II (No Celebration)

9. Suburban War

10. Month of May

11. Wasted Hours

12. Deep Blue

13. We Used to Wait

14. Sprawl 1 (Flatland)

15. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

16. The Suburbs (continued)

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