We Need Some Good ZEWterns


Help Wanted – Interns seeking College Credit
Marketing; Broadcasting; Technical (web and engineering)

It’s not just a job, it’s a musical adventure!! Especially with some major musical events just around the corner.

Contact Pablo via email or phone, 251-438-5460.
92ZEW could always use a few good Men and Women to assist the Broadcast Radio evolution into the 21st Century. We are eager to teach (and learn from) the next broadcast generation.
This is not just a ‘go get me coffee’ kind of gig. It’s ears and hands-on in programming, marketing, business, music, engineering, computers, etc. Learn a little something in all departments to take with you into the future.
Techies – Help maintain, streamline ZEW’s online presence as well as transmission on the airwaves.
Marketers – get inside the workings of marketing and promoting advertisers and the ZEW itself, from the ground up.
Broadcasting – The ZEW has several online radio stations, help program & dj them.
Music – Good new music never stops, we need some good ears, Hear the next big thing before anyone else! Help maintain the 92NEW music streams and more. 

Of course there will be the obligatory ‘grunt work’ type duties (filing cd’s, washing the vans, etc)… but well worth it for what you’ll learn and the great shows you’ll get to see as part of the ‘ZEW Krewe’.

**Knowing Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare would really be a bonus, since we’ll really need help tweeting and updating during Hangout Music Festival.**

To see some of the many fun things the ZEW is involved with, check our pics here, or on Facebook