Adele: “No North American Beer Please”


North American Beer is Unacceptable says Adele reveals Adele official rider requests.

When shows are booked of course there’s certain demands that must be met. Up front money/deposit, stage setttings and amenities for the performer(s) which are itemizd in a rider. Sometimes entertaining contracts to read. Do they put stuff in there just to see what folks will say (J Lo had some outlandish demands, like dozens of white roses in her dressing room of white furniture, that half the time she never even entered!).

Well it seems the folks at got a view of Adele’s rider, which is not as demanding as J Lo, however it is revealing. Among her requirements:

  • Any guest who receives complimentary tickets must donate $20 to the UK charity Sands (providing support to those effected by the loss of a baby and research to reduce the number of baby losses)
  • Pack of Marlboro Lights, disposable lighter, gum,
  • 2 bottles of high=quality red wine and
  • European Beer.

The contract allegedly reads “North American beer is NOT acceptable.” Those Shakespearan hops cant be topped.  Guess she’s never tried that groovy Purple Haze or Blue Moon.

And if the ‘unacceptable’ is unacceptable, go tell it to the toyota driving,’ made in China’ mountain.
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