Arcade Fire Takes Time to Perform on Radio


Arcade Fire premiere new arrangements of ‘Sprawl II’ and ‘We Used To Wait’ on Sound Opinions | WBEZ.

(Ed. note) Thank you Arcade Fire for giving back. despite your tremendous success.
Other bands would say “we haven’t time for little ol’ radio station visits” while heading to a TV studio that doesn’t even play full songs.
Not only does Arcade Fire visit, they brought the whole 8 piece outfit with instruments to play a couple tunes in Chicago’s WBEZ studios.
Even changed up the tunes a bit.
Nice little companion article from the station too:

It’s difficult to describe the cultural space Arcade Fire currently occupies. On the one hand, they recently won the Album of the Year Grammy, by definition moving them into the upper echelon of working musicians. On the other hand, when Barbra Streisand announced the award, she read “The Suburbs” as if it were the band’s name, not their album title.

Babs wasn’t alone. Enraged post-Grammys social media missives were collected at, including confused tweets from Rosie O’Donnell and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

And when band members sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Chicago’s Wrigley Field a few weeks later, the “Who are these guys?” meme was repeated on sports blogs all over again. The incensed sportswriters could have been clued in by the 27,000 fans who saw the band perform that weekend in Chicago (or the NFL ads that use their song “Wake Up).

Perhaps mainstream music fans feel baffled because Arcade Fire refuses to conduct their career along traditional lines. For one thing, they’re still signed to an independent label, Merge Records. For another, they don’t do very many media appearances. That’s one of the reasons we were excited they argeed to record a session for WBEZ’s Sound Opinions during their tour stop in Chicago.

The session was a special one for us, as it’s rare that we have 8 band members performing at once. Oh, and we also don’t have Grammy-winners stopping by on their victory laps very often (who does?).

Instead of resting on their well-deserved laurels, the band worked out some new musical ideas in the studio, so these performances are completely unique.

Arcade Fire perform “Sprawl II” on Sound Opinions from WBEZ on Vimeo.

Arcade Fire performs “We Used To Wait” on Sound Opinions from WBEZ on Vimeo.