Helping Out: Host Families Needed for French Students


Cheryl of ORCA says they are seeking families to host some French students July 9-29. Most students have a place to stay, but they are still seeking a few more host families. ORCA is a company that brings French students to America to stay with families with students the same age. And what a great way to learn about a culture on the other side of the world!

Here’s the details about the students that need a place to stay:

ORCA French Exchange Program
STUDENTS with same age and gender American teenagers!!!!!!!
FROM JULY 9th through JULY 29th
The girl is :Camille, who is almost 15, likeshorseback riding, animals and running.
The boys are:Tangi, who is 15, likes rollerskating/blading, hockey, music and playing the guitar. He has asthma and is highly allergic to dogs, cats and horses.
Nathan, who is 16, likes table tennis, watching movies at home and at the cinema.
Leopold, who is 18, likes surfing, swimming and basketball. He is allergic to insect stings.
Contact: Cheryl Hall, Mobile Area ORCA Coordinatormadamecherylhall@gmail.com610-2476
Hebrews 13:2
Matthew 25:35

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