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It Will Change Your Life

Jul 062011

AlphasphereCheck this out, a brand new music instrument is built by team of Bristol sound engineers, called the AlphaSphere, and they think it will be a big hit with electronic musicians.

Adam Place came up with the idea at university after growing bored with conventional keyboards to play synthesized music.

“On a keyboard, the keys are just controllers, they’re not really like notes on a piano,” he said.

“But with the AlphaSphere, the notes change as you press harder and harder, you really engage with the instrument, and you can perform with it.”

It is certainly a clever bit of technology.

Forty-eight pressure pads are arranged round a sphere, like a large football.

Press on one pad, and the sphere plays a drum beat. But press a little harder and the beat accelerates.

Another might be programmed with a chord with added harmonics coming in when you press the pad harder.

Hi-tech entrepreneurs

The Alphasphere may or may not take off with musicians but as a business idea it is already winning approval.

Adam and his friends will be showing off their invention at a garden party in Bristol which brings hi-tech entrepreneurs and inventors together with investors and big firms.

IBM will be there and the innovation group from Microsoft. And for many in the city, this new instrument is exactly what they are looking for.

See a demonstration and read the rest of the article here