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It Will Change Your Life

Sep 022011

Musicians and Music lovers of all genres will soon have a place to enjoy music with open minds and open ears, a place to inspire more creativity and community, without the rigid schedules of typical venues.

Exciting news from Cathe Steele (formerly of Pirates Cove), who’s about to fulfill that musical life-long dream of opening a musicians’ community-type venue (inspired by the farmhouse studio/venue of Levon Helm). With a little help from Grayson & Trina Capps, this venue sports some really unique sounding elements. Can’t wait to check it out. Here’s what she says:

It’s hard to find an authentically intimate musical experience anymore..A place where musicians can feel at home and where they can woodshed new material — a safe place to experiment and create, but with an audience…A place where there’s no alcohol for sale, but there’s plenty of food on the community table set up in the old farm house, You can bring your your own drinks & get ready for a shared musical experience for both the audience and the musicians. Inspired by Levon Helms Midnight Rambles, The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm & Grayson Capps have put their dreams and talents together on a 100 year old farm in South Baldwin County to do just that. This Spring, Winter & Fall, the firepits will be crackling, the lanterns lit, and the stage lights of the Frog Pond turned on in the moonlight and under the limbs of a 150 year old Cedar tree for our first season of something very special to our area.

Here’s what’s scheduled so far.. More is coming
Sept. 9th 7pm Grayson Capps & Special Guests. Special acoustic night with the band and friends. (This lineup is still growing.)
Oct. 29th 7pm ~Grayson Capps & The Lost Cause Minstrels Frog Pond Halloween Party.
On Nov. 19th we’ve planned a songwriter night or two.. Grayson Capps, Spencer Bohren, Will Kimbrough, Sugarcane Jane.. The list is ever expanding..
The Frog Pond @ Blue Moon Farm has limited capacity. Reservations are required and we’ll send you directions and printable details with your reservation.
We’re just beginning. Get on the email list and stay in touch. Check our Facebook site for news and such. Blue Moon Farm on Facebook! Or email & let us know you’d like to come. The venue will fill up fast and we’ll be taking the first folks who respond to each announced event until it’s full. New Years Eve last year was an awesome night!!!
We’re a community of family of friends inspired by music, the arts and good food.. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Touche! Sounds like a place to brag about to the nationals! Thanks Cathe.

/Lee Ann