Pumpkin Carving Ideas and How To’s


Great site for the artistic side of pumpkin carving — CarvingPumpkins.com. Characters, people, and more. Want a pumpkin that looks like you? They can craft a pattern for that too. Plus handy dandy patterns & directions. A few pics below, but a trailer more on the website.
For the lighter side of Halloween Halls, there’s marthastewart.com who not only shows you how to carve, but has directions on how to bake the seeds and pie too. Plus other great decoration ideas.

Basic things to know for carving:

  • Sharp knives work best, especially double sided, serated. (Carve, not slice)
  • Candle lit open the top.  Regular lights, open the bottom for a jar of Christmas lights to fit in.
  • Wash & Disinfect tools, pumpkin etc.
  • For more glow, scrape away as much meat as possible so it adds reflection for glow.
  • For the 3D looks like below, I discovered something probably 98% of southerners know, it’s easier to pull skin like you’re peeling an apple with a knife.
  • They say vaseline preserves the cut pumpkin a little longer.
  • Also heard to keep mold at bay, drop in one of those preservative packets found in new shoes, purses, etc.



Artistic Pumpkin carvings