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Hangout Festival 2018
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SXSW Surprises

 Posted by on March 16, 2011
Mar 162011

SXSW has barely even started and the early birds are getting the worms with surprise appearances from Jack White and the Foo Fighters.

Hangout Festival headliners, the Foo Fighters, screened their new feature length documentary followed by a secret impromptu show at Stubbs. Peeps with the documentary wristbands got first entry. Dave Grohl and company took to the stage shouting “We’re mother f****g movie stars!”, then played the new album “Wasting Light” in its entirety and their massive hits, which included ‘All My Life”, “My Hero”, “Learn to Fly”, “Everlong” & “Best of You”. Grohl described the crowd as ‘industry motherf***rs and nerds”.
Foos were already in town as they’re set to play MTVU’s Woodie Awards.
{—someone better tell Dave to watch his language at HangoutFest, I think they banned cursing from the stage after Ben Harper and audience rant on BP last year.}

Another surprise at SXSW?

Jack White ‘popped up’ to sing in the street with his 3rd Man records Roving Studio