Video: HangoutFest Cee Lo Joins Foo Fighters


Cee Lo Green Hangout FestMore videos are surfacing of the now infamous Foo Fighters filling in for Cee Lo Green incident at Hangout Music Festival (see below for details).  Here’s one from the front (or front of the front) row, uploaded by “me8lissa”.

Talk about being in the ‘right place at the right time’
Warning: Adult Language
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Here’s the story, Cee Lo Green is a no-show for his 3:00 slot on main stage at Hangout, but fans were not dissappointed when the Foo Fighters filled doing cover tunes (which Dave Grohl later referenced a couple times to Rolling Stone magazine). During the fourth song, Prince’s Darling Nikki, Cee Lo arrived, joined them on stage, then continued with his show.