Apr 212011

(via KROQ Radio, Los Angeles)

Rastafarian son of Bob, Ziggy Marley, rolls out his new creation, a comic book “Marijuana Man” on the appropriate day April 20.

The project is an effort by Marley to raise awareness about the different uses for hemp rather than… well, you know.

Surprised that you can still get arrested for smoking out in your own home, Ziggy wanted to create a character that portrayed the plant as a hero and a useful natural resource, rather than the villain that most of society deems it. He also enlisted the help of writer Joe Casey, and illustrator Jim Mahfood to help create what could be the one of the first pot-centric superheroes.

Hear his interview with KROQ’s Kevin & Bean –> Read more: Ziggy Marley Raises Hemp Awareness With Marijuanaman Comic


So if it makes it to movie/tv, what song would you suggest for a theme?