Music History Notes and Birthdays Today July 9


James Hampton (actor) is 76
“Jerry Woolridge” in Sling Blade

Brian Dennehy (actor) is 74
“Big Tom” in Tommy Boy

Richard Roundtree (actor) is 70
– Best known for playing “Shaft”

Bon Scott (singer, AC/DC) would have been 66
– Passed away February 19th, 1980

O.J. Simpson (football player-actor) is 65
– Nicknamed “The Juice”

Chris Cooper (actor) is 61
“Colonel Frank Fitts” in American Beauty

John Tesh (TV personality-turned-musician) is 60
– Has his own syndicated radio show

David Ball (country singer) is 59
– Known for the song “Riding with Private Malone”

Debbie Sledge (singer, Sister Sledge) is 58
– Three other sisters are also in the group

Jimmy Smits (actor, NYPD Blue) is 57
– Born in Brooklyn, New York

Tom Hanks (actor) is 56
“Forrest Gump” in Forrest Gump

Marc Almond (singer, Soft Cell) is 55
– Had a number one hit with the song “Tainted Love”

Kelly McGillis (actress) is 55
“Charlie” in Top Gun

Jim Kerr (singer, Simple Minds) is 53
– Had the hit song from The Breakfast Club “Don’t You (Forget About Me)
– was once married to Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders)

Courtney Love (singer-actress) is 48
– Formerly married to Kurt Cobain

Frank Bello (bassist) is 47
– Currently the bassist for Anthrax

David O’Hara (actor) is 47
“Fitzy” in The Departed

Scott Grimes (actor) is 41
“Dr. Archie Morris” on ER

Fred Savage (actor, The Wonder Years) is 36
– Was also in The Princess Bride

Dan Estrin (guitarist, Hoobastank) is 36
– Founded the band with singer Doug Robb

Kiely Williams (singer, 3LW) is 26
– Also a member of The Cheetah Girls

In 1956…Dick Clark appeared on TV for the first time as the host of American Bandstand.

In 1958…Johnny Cash signed with Columbia Records.

In 1962…Bob Dylan performed at the second session for what became The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

In 1971…Jim Morrison was quietly buried in Paris’ Pere Lachaise cemetery.

In 1972…Paul McCartney toured for the first time since he was in The Beatles.

In 1978…The Rolling Stones dropped in on Chicago’s The Quiet Knight club to jam with hero Muddy Waters.

In 1981…The Jacksons began a 36-city tour that would net them 5.5-million dollars.

In 1990…After an inflamed finger at a Glasgow concert, Keith Richards discovered the digit was infected. The Rolling Stones cancelled their subsequent tour dates for the week, which marked the first time the band had pulled out of a show due to illness.

In 1993…The Rolling Stones convened at Ron Wood’s house in Ireland and began a month-long recording session.

In 1995…In Chicago, The Grateful Dead played their last-ever show with Jerry Garcia. The guitarist died the following month.

In 1996…For the first time, Deep Purple played “Smoke on the Water” in the Swiss city that inspired it. The band wrote the song after surviving a nightclub fire in Montreux.

In 2002…It was announced that Eddie Van Halen and his wife Valerie Bertinelli were separating after 21 years of marriage.

In 2003…The White Stripes guitarist/singer Jack White was in a car accident in his native Detroit, which left him with a compound fracture to his left index finger. A subsequent tour was postponed.

In 2004…Courtney Love was rushed to hospital in New York with what her lawyer called “a gynecological medical condition.” Police were called to her New York apartment after it was reported she was throwing bottles from her window and she was handcuffed to the hospital gurney. She missed her court date in Los Angeles and a new bail was set for her at 150-thousand dollars.

In 2006…A plaque was stolen from Bon Scott’s grave in Western Australia on what would have been the late AC/DC frontman’s 60th birthday.

In 1996…For the first time, Deep Purple played “Smoke on the Water” in the Swiss city that inspired it. The band wrote the song after surviving a fire in Montreux. The inferno, which happened during a Frank Zappa show the guys were attending, destroyed the auditorium where they planned to record, so they were forced to go to the cold Grand Hotel. Bassist Roger Glover picks up the story of the song from there (AUDIO).