92ZEW Road to Hangout Free Show with Rebecca Pidgeon + Milow


Apr. 7 – 7Horse & Peek
Apr. 14 – The Villains
Apr. 21 – Empty Pockets, Brandon & Leah
Apr. 28 – ALO, Scars on 45
May 5 – Rebecca Pidgeon, Milow
May 12 – 7Horse, Black Box Revelation


92ZEW presents Road to Hangout Fest Free Concert Series

For a fun way to count down the days to Hangout Festival, 92ZEW put together a series of free shows from new artists on the rise that we think you’ll dig. This Saturday night we highlight talents from Los Angeles and Belgium, Rebecca Pidgeon  and Milow.

Rebecca Pidgeon‘s name may sound familiar, especially if you watch a lot of movies. Yep, it’s that Rebecca Pidgeon. But don’t let the acting thing scare you. Music is definitely Rebecca’s calling too.  From upbeat, textured songs with a little edge (a little more perturbed than say KT Tunstall), to the simple girl with a guitar, but not the surfer girl kind of sound. Her voice is a little more intense,

Milow live at the Hangout
Joining Rebecca is someone you may not have heard, yet. But, you should be aware of Belgian artist Milow, He’s had several European number one hits, platinum records,  played several prestigious festivals and the real deal… over 50 Million views of his new video.  (yep, the world is indeed changing. there was a time when we based our play decisions on how many records sold, listener reaction and other stations playing it).

“an old-school soul with a new-fashioned sensibility, a troubadour fascinated by technology,”

America’s official introduction to Milow comes in July with the release of his EP “born in the Eighties.”  He already counts Jack Johnson, Brett Dennen and even Kanye West as fans.

Our train is a little early to the station, but why not get on and enjoy the new music adventure.


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