Solar Storm Intensifies Northern Lights [VIDEO]


Solar flares cause strong solar  storms
posted by: Lee Ann Waterrs
Stardate 1/22/12:  Solar flares spotted by NASA
1/24/12:  strongest since 2003, solar/radiation storms ravage the skies, endangering high frequency communications and satellite operations. (and people that may be flying that high).
1/24, 25 – Another effect, extraordinarily vivid auroras. Heres a video, captured in Norway, of swirling strings of skylights. ……

Original article from Solar Storm Puts Beautiful Northern Lights on Display [VIDEO].

Interestingly, a facebook friend shared a Norwegian’s pic of northern lights taken first week of January.  The poster says:

A Full Sky Aurora Over Norway on January 3 2012 – The display was caused by the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF), which tipped south on Jan. 2nd and partially canceled Earth’s own north-pointing magnetic field. A crack formed in Earth’s magnetosphere, allowing solar wind to flow in and fuel the auroras.

northern lights norway

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Original pic source on facebook

This pic was taken Jan 2 or 3rd. Just more to witness thanks to modern tech eh?

(source of nasa images and story: