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It Will Change Your Life

May 272012
Givers hangout Fest 2012

The Givers, Chevy Stage Hangout Fest (pic by Josh Rhinehart)

Saturday Highlights


A sizable crowd had congregated in front of the main stage for Givers — especially considering it was only 11:30 a.m. — and many of them seemed to have made the trip in from the band’s hometown, Lafayette, Lousiana. Packing the audience with some hometown boosters was probably a good idea for such an early set, but as it turned out, Givers didn’t need the help. The five-piece bounded onstage and kicked into “Saw You First,” with singer/guitarist Taylor Guarisco and singer/multi-instrumentalist Tiffany Larson harmonizing over the track’s sunny bounce and meaty bass line, seemingly unable to keep from breaking into broad smiles. Songs like “Meantime” and “Go Out At Night” grabbed freely from disparate sources — indie-rock, reggae, Afro-pop — and recombined them in ways that always felt more charming that cutesy. Larson switched throughout the set — and sometimes during the course of a single song — between jauntily strumming a mandolin and beating the hell out of the drums in front of her. For the tender “Atlantic,” the band busted out both a flute solo and a glockenspiel — okay, maybe that was a little cutesy — then, late in the set, they nodded to one of their obvious influences with a lively cover of Talking Heads’ “Girlfriend is Better.” “Give it up for the Gulf of Mexico, the most underrated player in the game,” Guarisco said, pointing to the sea, before launching into the infectious “Up Up Up.” The audience bounced along in front of the stage right until the tune and the set crashed to a well-timed halt with bassist Josh LeBlanc crashing into the drum kit and knocking over one of the cymbals. D.P.

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