ZEW Music Notes: Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews Band, Olympic Musician payscale

McCartney at Olympics (pic by Guardian.co.uk)

– Paul McCartney lowered his rate to one pound for the Olympics. (photo by Guardian.co.uk )

So How Much does a gig at the Olympics pay?

If you’re betting McCartney got a big ol’ chunk-a-change to play the Olympics, you better clear the table. Sir Paul earned only a pound. Yep, a whopping $1.57 USD. The Associated Press reported that all performers received a pound a piece for their part in the historical event, including Arctic Monkeys, McCartney and Mike Oldfield.

Fan threatens to shoot Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow was granted a temporary restraining order against a fan who threatened to shoot her. He claims Sheryl stole money and broke into his house. A hearing is set for later this month to extend the order for three years.

So, do you think Sheryl would break into someone’s house?

Dave Matthews Band offers part for fans to be in new video

Dave Matthews live at Hangout Festival 2012DMB is inviting fans to upload videos and pics that might be used in the new video. They’ll “edit your pictures and film into one unique music video for MERCY. By completing and uploading one (or more) simple task(s), you may see yourself in the official video!”
One lucky fan will win a trip to California for the final show of this tour, so get to sharin’!
Click here for details

Happy Birthday:
Bob Welch, former Fleetwood Mac Guitarist who committed suicide in June, would have been 67
Daniel Ash, guitarist for Bauhaus and later Love and Rockets, is 55
Bill Berry, drummer for R.E.M. who retired after suffering a brain hemorrhage, is 54. He is now a farmer
Jim Corr, The Corrs guitarist, is 48