92ZEW Presents Free Concert with CHURCHILL


92ZEW’s tradition of exposing new artists with a showcase continues with a free concert at Moe’s Original BBQ this Sunday in the heart of downtown Mobile.  The ZEW Krewe is very excited to bring in A&M Records artist, Churchill .
Continuing Moe’s Grand Opening celebration on SuperBowl Sunday with a show before the football show at 4pm from a band that’s definitely on the rise.  With sweet harmonies and melodious mandolin, the band is already receiving accolades from critics and music lovers. Their song ‘Change’ was Itunes pick of the week two weeks in a row, is top 5 in the Adult Rock radio charts for Billboard and is now being embraced by Alternative radio stations nationwide.

Fans of Sugarcane Jane, Lumineers, and Mumford & Sons will really like the band.

Watch the just-released video or listen to song below.

For Churchill, “Change” isn’t just the Denver quintet’s first hit, it’s also the force
driving the group’s kaleidoscopic sound.
The Change EP (A&M/Octone) projects the band’s ambitious musical vision by
deftly weaving together various styles into a dynamic hybrid that taps into each
member’s strength. Founders Tim Bruns (guitar/vox) and Mike Morter (mandolin/
guitar) deliver the freewheeling alt-country vibe; Tyler Rima (bass) and Joe
Richmond (drums) inject some rock attitude; and Bethany Kelly (piano/vox) adds
sophisticated classical flourishes.
That expansive approach to songwriting, combined with the band’s strong
musical chemistry, allows Churchill to conjure an amazing range sounds, from
upbeat (“Ark in the Flood”) and plaintive (“I Am Yours”) to tender (“Sing Out Your
Love”) and hard hitting (“Made a List”).
Churchill is blessed with two distinctive singers, Kelly and Bruns, who share
vocals, sometimes within the same song, like “Sing Out Your Love.” Kelly says
the song determines who sings lead. “We try different variations to see what
works best,” she says. “Our goal is to do whatever is right for the song.”
“Instead of writing songs to fit some narrow definition of who we are, we let each
song find its own voice naturally,” explains Bruns, the chief songwriter.
The band proves its versatility in other ways too, producing all of its own music
thanks to drummer Joe Richmond, an accomplished audio engineer. “We’re not
opposed to working with an outside producer, but Joe is so good we’ve never
needed to,” Morter explains. Bruns adds: “Part of it too is that we’d rather stand
or fall on our own.”
Thanks to the success of “Change,” Churchill has stayed busy touring the States.
The band’s high-energy and charismatic performances have earned raves while
attracting a growing number of fans. Those who come out have been treated to a
number of new songs destined for Churchill’s forthcoming full-length debut in the
Spring of 2013. Bruns promises even more musical surprises. “We don’t want to
be a band that ever does the same thing twice.”