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Jun 072013
Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night) celebrates #71 today (6/8)

Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night) celebrates #71 today (6/8)

Highlighting  Negron’s 71st birthday today with a rather unforgettably graphic exploding penis story.

Warning – at least PG 13

Former Three Dog Night singer Chuck Negron turns 71 years old today (6/8) and like any true rock star, he’s experienced quite a lot in his seven decades, from hit records to drug addiction. But one event stands out to anyone who has read his autobiography – the night his penis exploded while sexing with a beauty queen. Ouch!!!
The candid Negron said “I think it was Miss Oklahoma and we ended up spending the night together and in the middle of the sex, it was like a hot dog splitting and you know, I found myself in the emergency room with my penis in my hand waiting to be stitched up.”
The injury was caused by his drug use and excessive sex, and so Negron put the story in his book so others might learn from his mistakes. You can read more rock n roll stories (including the penis story) from Chuck’s 71 years in the book Three Dog Nightmare, which came out a few years ago. Stay up to date with the singer at

Outside of the rock n roll world, Chuck also played basketball for Cal State during college.

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