Jack Johnson Jams with Friends, Lands Headline Gig at Bonnaroo

jack johnson in the halebale studio @bonnaroo

Jack Johnson in the Bonnaroo halebale studio backstage

Mumford & Sons cancel Saturday night, Jack Johnson to pick up the gig, sits in with friends ALO.

Bonnaroo is one of those festivals so fun, musicians return even when not working. Like Jack Johnson, who came for fun and to sit-in with ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra). You remember ALO, right? The did a mo0st spectacular show for our Road to Hangout series. The band is fronted by Johnson’s keyboardist Zach Gillis.

One brain clot leads to an opening, so Johnson was excited to accept the invitation to headline Saturday night in place of Mumford and Sons. Yes, M&S did end up cancelling their gig at Roo too, due to the emergency surgery on bassist Ted Dwane. We all wish him Godspeed in recovering.

Jack dropped by the halebale studios backstage and performed his new tune with ALO. We’ll air the unplugged performance later today.

Here’s the official press release.


The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival was informed yesterday that Mumford & Sons had to cancel their Saturday headlining appearance due to bassist Ted Dwane’s medical condition. In Mumford & Sons’ place, festival organizers are pleased to announce that Jack Johnson will now headline Bonnaroo on Saturday night.

Bonnaroo wishes Ted a speedy recovery and looks forward to the band returning to the festival.

Jack Johnson:

I was on my way to Bonnaroo to sit in on a set with my friends ALO last night when we got the call asking if I could possibly help out and cover for Mumford and Sons. I heard the news about Ted Dwane and was happy to know that he was on his way to recovery. I called my band and asked if they were up for it. Long story short – they are headed this way. I’ve got a lot of lyrics and chords to relearn by Saturday night. I was here to play the first Bonnaroo and it is a very special festival to my band. We are excited to hit the stage again. Get well Ted!