Just in Case, Alien Abduction Insurance

Well, there’s insurance for bossoms, buttocks, and legs; why not a policy for (space) alien abduction? Believe it or not, at least 30,000 policies have been sold by one company in Europe.

The first agency to sell the high flying coverage is appropriately enough, in Florida, the St. Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, Florida to be exact. They publicly stated that at least two claims were honored — paying the claimants $1 per year until their death, or for 1 million years, whichever comes first. (hmm, wonder how much the policy rates are?).

Definitely good timing for a quick buck, er, uh, safety net for insurance companies. If you watch those discovery/history/smithsonian type cable channels, you’ll notice a plethora of documentary type shows highlighting the increased number of UFO sightings and abduction reports.

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According to business2community.com

“…typical policies provide coverage for incidents such as death or injury by alien abduction or examination. At least one policy in existence covers both male and female impregnation by extraterrestrials. One might also feel like it’s a good idea to extend their policy with regard to damage incurred by alien abduction related time travel.”

The article also poses the following questions to ask yourself if you are indeed pondering abduction coverage:

  1. Have I ever been abducted by aliens in the past, and if so, did they install a tracking device about or within my person?
  2. Do I own seasons 1-9 of The X-Files seasons on Blue-ray?
  3. Do I live near any of the following areas, which according to jetpacker.com and weirld.com, are some of the planet’s UFO hotspots?
    Bonnybridge, Scotland
    Mexico City, Mexico
    San Clement, Chile
    Arizona, US
    Warminster, Wiltshire, England
    Wycliffe Well, Australia
    Hangzhou, China
  4. Do I enjoy taking long walks alone in the woods at night?
  5. Do I have plans to venture outside of the earth’s atmosphere for either business or pleasure within the next decade?
  6. Have I ever worn a headpiece made of tinfoil?
  7. Do I possess certain physical traits, knowledge, or powers which alien beings would deem extremely valuable?

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/oddball/alien-abduction-insurance-0465593#vpg8ikYjqBJfWKtL.99

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