Murphy High Restoration Fund Created Due to Damaging Christmas Tornadoes


Historic Murphy High School is one of the many Midtown Mobile places damaged by the ravaging ‘Christmas Day Tornadoes’. As such, a special relief fund was created by Murphy Alumni Association that’s dedicated to rebuilding the school. They are accepting donations, money and/or time, via their website:
Damages incurred include roof destruction to the auditorium, biology hall, band room, main building, and athletic field house. Ninety-five percent of the covered walkways around campus have been destroyed and crews are working to salvage the original beams. Most of the oak trees along Carlen Street were damaged or destroyed. The Carlen House appears to have survived. Many volunteers were on campus the next day to assist with the clean-up but funds will be required to repair the buildings and landscape and restore the oak trees that were donated by Dr. Bernard Eichold.

The Murphy Alumni Association, Inc. is appealing to those who hold Murphy High School dear to their heart and to businesses for contributions to this tornado restoration effort. Your donation will help maximize your tax deduction. Please contact and/or remit a check to the treasurer Theodore Kearley, P.O. Box 66158, Mobile, AL 36660. Make check payable to Murphy Alumni Association, Inc. and specify “Tornado Restoration.” Your contribution is greatly appreciated by the Murphy Alumni Association, Inc.



Those Christmas tornadoes sure reminded us to appreciate what we have and be thankful.