Music Notes with Video – Elvis Costello + The Roots; The Killers + New Order; Triple Decker Vinyl Record

  • Elvis Costello collaboration with the Roots to be released on Record Store Day (April 20)
  • The Killers cover New Order with Bernard Sumner (of New Order)
  • Jack White explains his invention, the Triple Decker Vinyl Record (free record inside another)


When Elvis Costello visited late night with Jimmy Fallon, he got along so well musically with the Roots, the decided to do a song together. One thing led to another and now they’ve got a full album ready for release on Record Store Day. (via Rolling Stone)


The Killers, who got their name from a New Order video, were treated to something special while playing a Manchester concert, original New Order member Bernard Sumner joined them onstage to cover the New Order tune, Crystal. (via Rolling Stone)


If you’ve heard about Jack White’s latest record invention, the Triple Decker Vinyl Record, and can’t figure out what the heck he’s talking about, check the VH1 special video below where he explains the background. See the rest of the story on VH1.

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