Life By the Numbers: Heavy Makeup = Not Trusted; Parents Think They’re Not Cool

mimi wears makeup
Women with More Makeup Don’t Look Trustworthy 

A recent study published on, says women who wear more makeup are viewed as untrustworthy, while less makeup made them appear competent.

Researchers presented adult men and women with pictures of women in various amounts of makeup (minimal, moderate, and dramatic), and they found that people were more likely to find women wearing more makeup “attractive and competent,” but gave them low scores in the “likeability and trustworthiness” category. The opposite was true for women who wore minimal makeup.

Hmm, do I want to look ‘attractive and competent’ or ‘likeable and trustworthy’?

Do ya think Hollywood’s portrayal of cosmetic heavy women, i.e., Melrose Place types,  affect  the outcome of this research?

Parents Think They’re Not Hip per Study

Four out of Ten parents believe they have passed the cool years and they’re out of touch with the younger generation says a new study released in conjunction with season premiere of Modern Family. It further says three out of ten parents spend time catching up with pop culture.

Here are the top five reasons parents think they are uncool according to the study:

1. Not knowing what is number one on the charts .

2. Not being able to work an iPhone .

3. Not knowing the words to current songs .

4. Their sense of fashion .

5. Owning a sensible car .

Looking at it another way, Six out of Ten parents believe they’re still rockin’ it, and Seven out of Ten don’t bother with the whole pop culture gimicks (oop, did I say that outloud?).