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QR Codes are those little squiggly square boxes that are virtually everywhere these days. Probably because they ‘re a quick and easy way to send information across wireless networks. Information such as a website link, phone number, facebook page, vcard, text message, tweet, youtube video, email and more can be easily transmitted to your smartphone just be scanning the code with your camera. But first you gotta have the handy dandy ‘barcode reader’ app. Nowadays virtually anyone can make a QR code.

The QR (quick response) codes have actually been around since the early 90’s, and according to internet lore, were created in the Japanese auto industry to track autoparts and suppliers.  If you’d like to create your own code, there are oodles of websites that generate them for free.

Visualead generates codes over your own picture for free. If you want to track numbers and do more, you can purchase a membership.

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Scan to see a special message


There’s also a generator that you can change colors, patterns, shadows and more and

qr code zew twitter


and of course you can just google ‘qr code generator’ for more choices.

So there’s today’s ‘Tech Tip’.

Keep the QR code reader handy because 92ZEW will have a most excellent contest you’ll want to get in on, but it’s by reading the QR Codes. Maybe try it out on the codes above?