Video – Jimmy Kimmel Proves Some Hipsters are Really Just Posers

How far will hipsters go to prove their hipness?

You’ve met them before, status-update obsessed ‘hipsters’ who refuse to appreciate anything in the musical ‘mainstream’ (translation: music the radio plays) and profusely tout the latest from bands no one has ever heard of.
Recently, Jimmy Kimmel pulled one over on some self-proclaimed hipsters at Coachella Music Fest. His staff interviewed fans about underground bands that really don’t exist. Yep, they made up the bandnames (except one, Two Door Cinema Club, but they did invent the album title ‘DJ Cornmeal’). To prove their hipness, the fans enthusiastically shared their knowledge and appreciation of the fictitious bands.
Watch the hilarity below, if anything for the crazy bandnames invented.


posted by: Lee Ann Waterrs, April 23, 2013