April Fools’ Pranks for Today



Happy April Fools’ Day!

Although it wouldn’t surprise us if they did. Some of us wonder if there isn’t already a similar ordinance on the books for Midtown landlords, since most rental properties look like someone just dropped a house on a plot of land.
Here’s some other great pranks pulled today:

Mashable.com’s list, including: Twitter gets sued by Peanuts, Vimeo becomes ViMeow, and a bevy of Google gags
CNN’s List of April Fools’ pranks include: Twitter dropping vowels for usage and charging $5 a year to use them, they even changed their site to Twttr.com; Virgin’s Richard Branson says after years of development, they’ve finally finished the world’s first glass bottom airplane (although that would be kewl); and The Guardian UK’s story of their new augmented reality glasses.