Audiophiles Rejoice! Record Store Day Returns



Saturday, April 19 marks the 7th Annual International Record Store Day, a day when fans can score some major limited edition jams for their collections.

Mobile Records is one of the participating stores and is making it bigger.  Facebook Event Page says they’re open @ 8am Live music starting at 12 noon Discounts Giveaways and Tacos!! Beef, Chx, and Beans. The Volks, Cyborganics, Popwar, Black Titan, Pseudo Box, and on the wings as of yet, The Tony Tornado Tribe, Naked Intruder, and Shifting Tracks!  92ZEW’s TLC in the Morning will be on hand with more musical swag to give away.

Oodles of artists are participating with previously unreleased material, live music, accompanying swag and more for the annual spotlight on vinyl records. Music to an audiophile’s ears.  Statistics show that the day is actually working. CD sales have dropped, yet vinyl record sales are rising dramatically.Mobile-Records-Logo

If you’ve never shopped in a record store, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  It’s more like a designer store vs. Walmart experience. The clerks really do know music and have recommendations for your tastes and tend to remember so the next time you shop, they’ll tell you about the latest and greatest of releases.




For more info, visit:

Record Store Day online with release listings

Mobile Record Store on Facebook  – collectors store featuring 99% vinyl run by Keith Glass who founded the legendary Missing Link label and record shop in Melbourne Australia. We have 3,500 square feet of space. Large front area for new and used vinyl in most every genre plus a dedicated 45 alley way, a country music and 78 room plus sale/digging back of the store bargain center. Hours are Mon-Sat 11am-7pm and Sunday 1-5pm