Beer Does Have a Few Health Benefits

Check out the 92ZEW Brew of the week from Southern Napa in Daphne.
Porter Beer at Fairhope Brewing Company

pic courtesy of Fairhope Brewing Company

Believe it or not, beer does have a few healthy side effects, according to   Not as healthy as broccoli, but who would have a Broccoli Taste Fest?

We all know one effect, beer  makes you pee… a lot.  Could be due to lots of water,  thereby cleansing your system of some nasty toxins.

Beer has good cholestoral and can reduce risk of heart attack by 30%.  It’s also believed to help reduce risk of diabetes, kidney stones and bladder cancer (probably cuz you pee a lot).

Add in a little Vitamin B, Potassium, and lots of fiber, and hey, you’re good to go.

Just don’t blame us if you get pulled over and claim you heard beer is healthy.  Moderation is the key.


Celebrating the golden brew this weekend is Dauphin Street with its annual Beer Fest, the Exploreum with the Science of Beer, and Fairhope Brewing Company with their 2nd homemade concoction that honors local musicians, or brewsicions.  The new flavor inspired by Underhill Family Orchestra.

Get the beer details on 92ZEW’s Event Page.

chart is courtesy of, who apparently know their beer!

chart is courtesy of, who apparently know their beer!