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 Posted by on January 27, 2014
Jan 272014

Hope you’re enjoying the NEW 92ZEW lineup!  I know I am, as I now get to sleep in a little more each day!  Doing mornings haad it’s benefits, but middays is soooo much more conducive to my life and the other parts of my job.  Thanks to Tim & LeeAnn for taking the morning reigns.   Gene Murrell moves to afternoons, but he’s a lazy goofball like me,  so he’s loving the extra shut-eye time too!

I’m looking forward to bringing you more awesome Gumbo Shop tunes & themes and helping you get the work day just a littttttle bit easier.  Drop me a line if you have an idea for a cool Gumbo Shop theme or want to get a request in for our next All Request Gumbo Shop!

Other random thoughts:

— This cold weather storm hype is already overdone. Bah.

— AMERICAN HUSTLE.  Saw it.  Don’t get the hype on it either.  It’s “ok”….but not Best Picture IMHO….

— What’s up with the ignorance of Daft Punk?  Has the world been in a cave for 20 years? Answer: yes.

— I am psyched for Fantasy Baseball to get here.  Keep yer Super Game Ad Bowl whatever the thing is called.

— Mardi Gras is coming.  More long nights with Al at The Garage.  Fun times!

— My brother in law may be the most entertaining dude ever to be in a bar with. NEVER a dull moment.