Grizfolk Bio (Video and Audio)


Grizfolk is playing on the beach with 92ZEW’s Countdown to Hangout Festival Free Concert Series along with Wild Feathers, Shannon LeBrie, and Reach for the Beach challengers, The Mulligan Brothers.

Grizfolk website

from radio station KCRW:

grizfolk“In the case of Grizfolk, founded by Swedish natives Fredrik Eriksson and Sebastian Fritze, and Adam Roth, who has ties to America’s Deep South, the results are less global village, and more pushing the possibilities of pop.

One song in particular stood out to me from their recent standing-room-only, A&R-infested appearances at the Monday night residency I curate called School Night: “The Ripple“, (at press time still in the recording stages), which to me could be a crossover country phenomenon.

To be clear, this idea came about not by a cloying marketing strategy, but by honesty. the songs were traded back and forth while the members were in different parts of the world, finally coming together in Los Angeles to form the band, which is a mesmerizing experience live.

Other tracks are straight up anthems that can easily go the distance. “Vagabonds“, in particular, featuring Nikola Bedingfield (of the UK Bedingfields), is one such case, and already getting serious airplay.”

Check out Grizfolk with Wild Feathers and Shannon LeBre for 92ZEW’s Countdown to Hangout Fest free concert series, May 10