Kaboom is one of the six finalists in 92ZEW’s Reach the Beach to Play Hangout Festival, opening for Majestico April 5 at the Hangout.

kaboomKaboom is an Indie-Pop band from the Biloxi, MS are, who placed Internationally in Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands a mere three months after they formed.

The funky spirited band finished 1st in the U.S. over every Hard Rock major market. They finished 3rd worldwide in the online rounds (from ‘lil ‘ol Mississippi!).

Kaboom has made major waves regionally. Fusing the spirit of 80’s throwback dance tunes and modern rock, Kaboom packs shows, shakes butts and perks the eyes at every show, using a unique take on Steampunk. From House of Blues to major festivals, Kaboom is proving to be grass roots effort that is guaranteed to win over every listener. via Kaboom Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos.


by Michelle Stancil, MCS Pix

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