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Oct 282014

London Mayoral Candidate Wants to Erect Statue of Adele in the Capital

Eric McCandless/CBS In London, England, there are hundreds of statues of notable people, from military heroes to great writers to former monarchs.  But one London mayoral candidate says it’s time to erect sculptures that honoring some of our modern-day British heroes…like Adele, for example.

According to the Evening Standard, the candidate, David Lammy, wants to honor current cultural icons who hail from London’s outer boroughs.  He said in a speech at a university, “Walk through Central London and you’ll pass statue after statue celebrating iconic Londoners. But why are these mostly limited to Zone One?” 

Zone One” is a reference to the area of London most frequently visited by tourists; it’s also the most expensive to travel to and around by subway.  Lammy is concerned that young people from poorer areas of town never get a chance to see those statues, so their areas should contain tributes to locals.

He continued, “For example, Adele is an inspiration to people in my constituency of how, with hard work and determination, they can succeed in the arts.”  Adele hails from Tottenham, in North London.

Lammy added, “[Cultural] achievements should be recognized through physical tributes that act as an inspiration for a new generation of cultural icons.”

The paper notes that other successful outer-borough Londoners who could be subjects for statues include actor Daniel Day-Lewis, rock legend David Bowie and soccer icon David Beckham.

This isn’t such a crazy idea, actually: just last month, a statue of the late Amy Winehouse was erected in the North London borough of Camden.

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