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It Will Change Your Life

Jun 172014
Green Day's Billie Jo Armstrong

Green Day’s Billie Jo Armstrong

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong played a very special show in Oakland, California on Thursday. The rocker performed with his son Joey, along with touring Green Day member Jason White, as a group called Two and a Half Men. According to, the set included Green Day songs like “99 Revolutions,” “Church on Sunday,” “2000 Light Years Away” and more. It’s a good thing Joey was on stage with Billie since the rocker told us he forgets about everything back at home while he’s performing (AUDIO). Fan filmed footage is available at

Dave Grohl of  Foo Fighters, Hangout Festival 2012 (Dave Vann)

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, Hangout Festival 2012 (Dave Vann)

Foo Fighters agreed to play a show in Richmond, Virginia that was crowd-funded and organized without their knowledge. There was a campaign by local fans to sell tickets to a show that didn’t yet exist, with the hopes the group would see the interest and play their first gig in the city since 1998. Fourteen-hundred tickets sold at 50 bucks each and it worked because the band tweeted at the organizers, “See ya soon… let’s have a good time.” A venue and date has not yet been determined but you can learn more about the successful campaign at