UPDATED: Some Bayfest Headliners Not Paid say 92ZEW Sources; “TenSixtyFive” Announced


Lawrence Specker of al.com contacted founder Bobby Bostwick about this and he said:

On Wednesday afternoon, Bostwick restated his position that BayFest’s affairs were being resolved in an orderly fashion. In particular, he said, no deposit payments had been missed.

“No, nothing was due until Friday,” he said. “Be that as it may, I thought we made it clear that what we were doing was reimbursing all the tickets, which we’re pretty far along with that … Sponsors have mostly I think been paid.”

* * *

“To settle up with everybody that’s left, which is all sorts of things, that’s in process right now,” he said. “And will I tell you, it cannot be 100 percent to everybody, or we would never pull the plug. But we know the people who put out money are going to be reimbursed, and that’s a fact. And that’s the whole idea right now.”

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Industry sources tell 92ZEW that some of the six-figure Bayfest headliners haven’t been paid, including non-refundable deposits that were due mid-September. Deposits are typically about half of the total performance charges.  The remainder is paid when the band arrives at the fest. That is a lot of moolah to have to pony up.

1065_Logo_314lOne of 92ZEW’s industry sources* said “It’s tied up in limbo right now. I don’t how these things play out… but our lawyers are dealing with the cancelled performance. It seems like they owe a lot of money to a lot of bands right now. Other insiders*  say they wouldn’t be surprised if Bayfest declared bankruptcy to get out from underneath the deposits.

We have not heard about payments to staging & production people.

Bayfest organizer Bobby Bostwick told al.com organizers are “trying to avoid a City-Stages type scenario where the Birmingham festival ceased, filed bankruptcy and ended over $1 Million in debt.”   (BayFest 2015 organizers: Festival is canceled, effective immediately (updated).  He further said his main concern is that the festival “wrap up its affairs cleanly, refunding ticket purchases and paying its outstanding bills. He conceded that would be an expensive process, since the festival has made commitments to performers, production companies and others.”

Meanwhile, numerous Mobilians are stepping up to save the weekend of music in beautiful downtown Mobile.  An announcement was made yesterday afternoon (9/22) about the new downtown ‘party’  called “TenSixtyFive,” a  reference to I-10 & I-65.  Artists not yet announced, however, the website was launched and says:

“Held in the streets of downtown Mobile, Alabama, TenSixtyFive is a multi-day, multi-stage party bringing like-minded partygoers together for an unforgettable weekend of food, drinks, music and fun. You should totally come, it’s gonna be a party like no other.”

This party is brought to you by DMG Productions, Inc., with the help of Red Square Agency. We appreciate the support of the City of Mobile, the many cooperating bars and restaurants in Downtown Mobile, Gulf Distributing Company of Mobile, LLC, and the folks at the Mobile Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Downtown Mobile Alliance.”

Big thanks to everyone who is stepping in to save the music for Mobile.


*92ZEW Sources prefer to remain anonymous.