Beverly Jo Scott & Gina Jo Chat about ChickFest, Chicks Playing Big Fests, BJ’s Belgian Radio Show

Beverly Jo Scott, Lee Ann   Camp, Gina Jo of Veets, Tim Camp (TLC in the AM)

Beverly Jo Scott, Lee Ann Camp, Gina Jo of Veets, Tim Camp (TLC in the AM)

The vixen of Veet’s, Gina Jo Previto, and world famous chanteuse, Beverly Jo Scott, chatted with TLC about the fifth annual Chickfest this Wednesday night; the lack of female musicians at European festivals;  and Beverly’s radio show in  Belgium, “BJ’s Sunday Brunch” (yes, she did give Catt Sirten props for the name).

Chickfest takes off 7pm at Veet’s with two stages & features Beverly Jo Scott, Donna Hall, Cary Lane, Shawna P, JoAnna Berlage, Lacy Wright, Emily Stuckey, Jackie Clowe,  and Hannah McFarland.   Eric Erdman, Brandon White, John Kueler and John Millham will be backing the ladies.


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Beverly Jo updated us on her busy bizzy in Belgium as of late.  When she’s not touring (or vacationing here on the Bama Gulf Coast), she’s on the Belgian version of The Voice, a bigger tv music/reality show called Eurovision,  and her own radio show!  BJ’s Sunday Brunch was inspired somewhat by her hometown station, 92ZEW, she says. Radio that can play local bands and unknown newer artists in the light of the day.   She also spotlights music of the deep South (including our locals like Eric Erdman, Ryan Balthrop, etc).  Her show was the first to play the Alabama Shakes in Belgium!! Wow, what a coincidence! ZEW was the first to play Shakes in America!! We got great taste, don’t we?

We also discussed a European festival controversy of late, lack of female musicians on the lineups.  Scott agrees with the sentiment and adds that at many of the festivals she plays,  she’s the only female on the bill.  The American festivals, however, are far more girl-group friendly.  Beverly’s been quietly pushing for more attention to the women in Europe and even took her girl on the Voice (Belgium) to second place last year, the highest spot achieved by a female.

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Chickfest 5 at Veets June 24