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It Will Change Your Life

Sep 142015

Update: Some of the more derogatory tweets were deleted and replaced with “Talked to Jack for an hour. He’s cool. It’s all good now.”
Story relevance now zero. But since I took the time to do a post, I’ll share it anyway. But glad to see things worked out for the two cool rockers.

Black Keys at Hangout Festival 2012 (pic by Steve Galli)

Black Keys at Hangout Festival 2012 (pic by Steve Galli)

It might get loud and interesting. Patrick Carney of the Black Keys has been tweeting all morning about Jack White starting a fight with him in a New York City bar.

The Jack White/Black Keys battle has been ongoing for a few years now and no one is revealing the real truth. Most media sources say White is angry about Black Keys ‘ripping off’ his sound.

Personally, if I had to choose, it’d be Patrick. I’m a huge Jack White fan, but at least Patrick & Dan took the time to come by and chat with us at Hangout Fest.

The last tweet compares White to a Billy Corgan T-shirt.

Check out the tweets



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