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Metallica Launches Signature Ski Line

 Posted by on February 12, 2015
Feb 122015

Image Courtesy of BB Gun PressHaving already conquered the puppets, Metallica is now looking to become masters of the slopes. The legendary metal band has teamed up with ski manufacturer Armada to launch a signature line of skis.

“It’s no secret that three quarters of the band enjoy our snow sports (Kirk is sticking to the water for now!),” the band writes on their website, referring to guitarist Kirk Hammet. “So we’re excited to announce that we have hooked up with Armada to create a line of Metallica skis for you to cruise around the mountains on.”

The artwork for the skis is based around the cover of Metallica’s Master of the Puppets album. While carving the slopes with graphics of graves on the bottom of your skis may not be the most uplifting image, you’ll certainly look cool.

The Metallica X Armada skis are available now via the band’s Web store. They’ll also be releasing a windbreaker and gloves with Armada, also featuring Master of the Puppets artwork, in September.

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