Discover Mobile Photo Scavenger Hunt Hints




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Benefiting Aids Alabama South 

10/13 – Page 1. This oak canopied and cast iron enclosure circles an educational first for Mobile and Alabama!

10/14 – Page 2. These colorful chairs are the perfect place to enjoy the sights, sounds & scenes of Mobile’s oldest public space – but watch out for the cat-sized squirrels!

10/17 – Page 4. This cornerstone is inscribed with the names and individuals behind the construction of Mobile’s oldest independent African American house of worship.

10/18 – Page 6 – Until recently these windows occupied the space above the “Champagne Angel’s” tables. The building previously served as a successful African American pharmacist and was therefore a stage for the pursuit of prefessional/economic equal rights.

10/19 – Page 13 – Hatchets remain a needed tool for Mobile’s Firemen.  This cast example decorates one of Mobile’s most historical important fire houses.

10/20 – Page 16 –  These Windows belong to an apartment house named for Mobile’s most famous blooming shrub.  That same name extends to a trail & a run. 

10/21 – Page 17 – This perky bird chirps away in a burial ground located in the heart of Mobile’s oldest suburb.