Hangout Festival 2018
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It Will Change Your Life

May 262016
On location at Hangout Festival 2016, while everyone was sunnin’ and funnin’ we were backstage chillin’ and chattin with some of the artists.

Here’s X Ambassadors performing Low Life and Unsteady, plus chat a little about Jamie Common’s piano playing. Turns out I was thinking of Jamie Cullum, not Common.  Jamie Common is a guitarist/songwriter.  Sometimes, these old memories fade out like a song   ;-).

x ambassadors interview Hangout FestivalIn chatting with the band, vocalist Sam Harris shares background of new single, “Low-Life,” and says  “sometimes songs come out of nowhere and there’s this character that just speaks to you” says vocalist Sam Harris about ‘Low Life.’ “I heard the music and the words nothing but a low-life came to my head.”

He said the song is about “someone trying to do good while they’re falling on their face.”

Check out the rest of the X Ambassadors interview and performance below.

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